by Tarantino

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Debut EP, out on 7"!

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Patrick Delabie @ Studio 195.


released March 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Tarantino Netherlands

What do you get when you mix dirty punk and old school hardcore? An explosive cocktail called Tarantino. Tarantino is a young hardcore formation from NB, the Netherlands and their only goal is playing as much hard shows in sweaty venues as possible. Their show is energetic, fast and unscrupulous and they will give 110% to break down the stage. ... more

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Track Name: Blessed With Ignorance
Sometimes I’m jealous when I look at you
(You’re) blessed with ignorance, an uneducated fool
Your life is so simple, you live day by day
While I become crazy, all these thoughts drive me insane

Call me an asshole
A pretentious prick
You're just a simpleton
You make me sick

I wish I was blessed
Wish I was blessed
Wish I was blessed
Blessed with ignorance
Track Name: Loser
I will give you a piece of my mind

I’m tired of your lame excuses
I don’t need your apologies
You said that you're a better man
What do you try to prove to me?
I still think that you’re a fuck up
You waste your worthless life away
No goals in life, you’re chasing shadows
You threw every chance you had away

Track Name: Eye For An Eye
An eye for an eye
A limb for a limb
It seems to make no fucking sense
We fight for peace, kill murderers for their deeds
It’s like fucking for virginity

We don’t communicate, we use our fists instead
We justify our actions by numerous fallacies
We’re in a constant quarrel 'cause of our misplaced pride
We fight fire with fire, separate to unite

An eye for an eye
A limb for a limb
It seems to make no fucking sense
Track Name: Greed
We take one step forward
To take two steps back
The rich are getting richer
The poor are getting less
The world is reigned by money
By the one percent
It’s time to bald your fist
Time to take a stand

Don't let greed ruin humanity
Track Name: Make It Stop
These panic attacks are killing me
I’m pulling my hair out, I’m falling down again
I feel so nauseous, I feel so sick
I cry my eyes out, take another drink

I stumble up to fall back down again
I’m still afraid of what tomorrow will bring
I pray my heart out although I don’t believe
All I want is a little peace inside of me

Make it stop

Please make it stop
Give me the strength
To live without fear
To enjoy my life again

Make it stop
Track Name: Interbellum (Pt. I)
One-eyed is the king in the land of the blind
Our fear is the perfect opiate to keep us in line
We follow our leader without asking questions
We are arming ourselves for the upcoming battle
We are dependent like puppets,
So please pull our string
We need a strong leader willing to take us by the hand
A leader to feed us, to turn our dread into hate
A leader who blames others for our own mistake

It feels like we’re stuck
It feels like we’re stuck
It feels like we’re stuck
Stuck in an interbellum
Track Name: Interbellum (Pt. II)
Blood in our veins is infected with hate
This chaos in my head drives me insane
I try to fight it but I won't stand a chance
Our fear of others raped our common sense

He who wants the world to remain as it is
Doesn't want it to remain at all
I guess we’re on our way to an apocalypse
When we don’t ask ourselves this question now:

Is fear the mother of morality,
Or the devil and our biggest enemy?
Is fear the mother of morality,
Or the devil and our biggest enemy?
Track Name: Tarantino
Life is like a scene surreal
A motion picture, a pulp fiction

Track Name: Ready To Fight (Negative Approach)
When you don’t know the words to this song you’re a prick, a retard or a loser.

So please go fuck yourself and give this EP to someone who is not a complete idiot.

P.S. No, just kidding. Thanks for listening to this EP, you deuzige!