Split Tape w/ A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm

by Tarantino

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Our side of the split tape with A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm.
Check out his side at amillionsqueekswilldoyounoharm.bandcamp.com.


released April 15, 2016

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Patrick Delabie at Studio 195.



all rights reserved


Tarantino Netherlands

What do you get when you mix dirty punk and old school hardcore? An explosive cocktail called Tarantino. Tarantino is a young hardcore formation from NB, the Netherlands and their only goal is playing as much hard shows in sweaty venues as possible. Their show is energetic, fast and unscrupulous and they will give 110% to break down the stage. ... more

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Track Name: Angst
I'm feeling gloomy, I feel depressed
Frustrated & desperate

The sun is gone
The sky is gray
Angst is taking over me
This feeling is so suffocating
A guillotine above my head
Too much violence, too much hate
I despise this world, I've lost my faith

Angst is controlling me
Angst is controlling my life
Track Name: Unable
The path of least resistance is the path for me
Don't want to be a reject of society
I don't like to be the black sheep, lost from the herd
I don't need no free will
I was born to serve

Not able to think for myself

I am a product of society
Another fucking victim of uniformity
I am blindfolded, I run with the blind
I want to be submissive till I die
Track Name: At Least I Tried
The path I need to walk isn't paved for me
But that doesn't stop me, I'm working on a dream
I want to reach my goals, whatever it takes
I will keep on trying till my dying day

At least I fucking tried

I want to escape from mediocrity
I need to stay focused and believe in my dreams
There's a chance I will fail & a chance I'll succeed
But even when I fail I won't regret it

At least I fucking tried

On the day I die
I will be able to say
"Although I failed, at least I tried"
Track Name: F.Y.N.A.
The eyes of Argus are upon me
Watching every move that I make
I feel the pressure, they want me to fail
Got to keep my PMA

There'll be no schadenfreude on my expense
They'll stay behind with empty hands
I'm going to shine & blind the world

Fuck your negative attitude
I'm not like you

There is an alternative to a life of bitterness
You became a pessimist
Choke on your negativity